This data is presented to you as is. I do not guarantee or provide a warranty for quality of data. This data should not be used to protect life or property. If the NWS goes down, so does most of this data. 100% up-time cannot be guaranteed, especially with weather related data.

I provide screenshots for all active placefiles. What you see is what you get. There are beta placefiles available as well but those are only for active subscribers to see. There will be further additions, developments, etc. in the future. Any placefile can be discontinued without prior notice. To keep up to date with all current placefiles visit the Placefiles page.

I will be available as often as I can via email for customer support. I am always open to new ideas for potential future placefiles. Your feedback will always be appreciated.

All purchases will be made via Paypal. The prices are below. No refunds will be given. Visit the Contact page if you have any other questions.

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