County Watch Outline Placefile Update

Watches will now show up on issuance even if Probability data hasn't been released. Now it won't seem like the Placefile is "lagging behind." I always set it to wait for Prob data to be released before showing up on the radar. Now it will show up even if the NWS hasn't released Probability data yet.

Lightning begins to creep in

Starting to get some decent thunderstorms in Central Illinois. Nothing really severe but the placefiles are running nice as always. I've updated some SPC color changes and added new coding for data format changes.

Server Maintenance

The server may go offline in between 3:00 AM-3:30 AM for scheduled maintenance.

Silent Night

Boring weather is a good time to test out some new projects. If you're a subscriber make sure you check out the new additions. :)


Tweaked some settings to allow 'gusts' to take dominance in the METAR placefiles. So far I'm liking how that looks.

Placefile Upgrades

I haven't been frequently updating this as I've been quite busy. Nearly all the placefile code has been upgraded with all new features. I've noticed some errors in my geography functions and have fixed them. Some of you have noticed me working to constantly improve my placefiles. Most of the changes won't be immediately noticable unless you're a developer. All you need to know is I've streamlined most of the code so the scripts work better together. I'm also working on some Tropical placefile ideas. I've yet to finalize anything though so it may be a while before I release any screenshots.

Local Storm Reports Refined

The National Weather Service Local Storm Reports placefile now has 4 time settings (Last 1, 5, 12, and 24 hours worth of reports) and ability to change icon size.

New Site Launch

The whole Josh 3D GRLevelX Placefiles site has been revamped. Have a look around at the new design and preview images for all the placefiles I currently provide!

Placefile Updates & New Images

A lot of placefiles have been updated along with new preview images that can be found here.

Placefiles up and running.

I'm working on some other projects as well that I will update after testing.

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