County Watch Outline Placefile Update

Watches will now show up on issuance even if Probability data hasn't been released. Now it won't seem like the Placefile is "lagging behind." I always set it to wait for Prob data to be released before showing up on the radar. Now it will show up even if the NWS hasn't released Probability data yet.

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Welcome to the new Josh 3D Placefiles website. I have developed many placefiles over the past year and some of you have expressed great interest in using them. I decided to allow open access to most of them for the cheapest price possible.

There are a few reasons these placefiles aren't free. The time and resources dedicated to maintaining a server for placefiles is pretty much a full time job. Not to mention the time that goes into designing the icons, developing new placefile ideas, coding and testing the placefiles, and so on.

I am confident that my placefiles are the best. Many seasoned Weather Researchers, Storm Chasers, and Emergency Managers have expressed very positive feedback regarding my placefiles. A majority of these individuals had/have subscriptions to other Placefile providers.Through the beta-testing process, I noticed that not only is my graphic ability superior to other resources, but also my unique way of constructing my placefiles is much better.

I try to be online as much as possible so Customer Support, in most instances, will be real-time. I'm always available to help answer your questions when I'm online. If you prefer email, you can email me here.

All available methods of reaching me can be found on the Contact Page.

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